Tuesday, January 31, 2006

21 Date Ideas Without Food

By Sea Nonkey
You can include food into any of these dates, but these dates are for making the focus on your date -- not what you eat. Always make sure that you take into consideration you and your date's safety. Whoever does the asking pays.
Walk on the beach
Write each other love poems or letters.
Have a 99 cent store or Dollar Tree store shopping spree. Each person gets $5 to $10 and see who comes back with the most romantic haul.
Go to the park together.
Go to a used book store.
Play dress-up in formal style and window shop at the mall.
Go to a video game parlor together.
Make a wish list together
Give each other foot massages
Take a class together. You could take dancing or Pilates classes.
Learn together. Go the art or science museum together.
13. Buy or make special gifts and form a treasure hunt.
14. Go stargazing or bird watching together.
15. Go to the theater together. Many productions tour across the country.
16. Volunteer together. Is there a cause you both believe in?
17. Play board games together.
18. Draw each other’s picture or have a professional do a portrait.
19. Go bike riding together. Make sure you have your helmet on. I have to ride an old fashioned tricycle.
20. Get a DVD that you’ve both seen a bunch of times and play the parts. If there is a movie you both hate why don’t you both mock and watch.
21. Make sand castles together.


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