Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Programs and People I love in Weight Management
By VH Melville

These are programs and people in weight management I hold in high regard. This doesn’t mean that other programs aren’t good but these are favorites of mine.

I chose Weight Watchers because medical studies proved it works slightly better than other programs. With Weight Watchers, you can find meetings on weightwatchers.com or join their online program.
I first freaked out about having to weigh-in but the leaders and receptionist all went through the program so there was no judgment.

Richard Simmons http://www.richardsimmons.com/
Richard is kind and cares about people and I love that. His program Food Movers can be purchased in a box set and is cheaper than other similar programs. He also sells an online membership. He treats obese people with the dignity they deserve.

With TOPS, they have dirt-cheap meetings at just $20 a year and $5 a month and are non-profit. You just need four people to start a meeting. You just got to love it. http://www.tops.org/


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