Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Book Challange

Life is good besides me treating is at a smorgasbord. I Entered a contestant to win a free vacation with my husband doubt I will win but I just had to enter. It is fun to dream isn’t it.
Today I will write what I eat. I will regain it all if I keep eating like this

Book Challange
Have you ever wanted to write a book. It can be 1. A novel 2. nonfiction. 3 picture book 4. A comic book 5. A book of poetry 6. A fitness book. 7, A cookbook 8
I am going to start a book challenge if enough people are interested. Do you want it a week or month challenge. No one has to see if it. There is no real prize but maybe one of you will get published.

Thankful List
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