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Diet Myths and Legends, it's health not size

My little one expressed her opinion about kimkins and ripped up my free copy of the woman's magazine kimkins issue.

Diet Myths and Legends Low carb, Low Fat, Low cal
VH Melville

These questions were ones I see over the net due to the presence a couple of popular very low calorie diets including Kimkins. I tend to do a slower carb. These are composites mostly asked to other people. I am not a doctor and these are my thoughts though I feel they are more fact and research based I do know research changes.
Weight watchers thing but I know that won't work for everyone. I had to cut some carbs out over the last month but not for weight loss. I tend to gain if I cut carbs like vegetables, fruit and oatmeal out. I will find myself craving too much food.

Q. After I lose low carb can I switch to a low fat diet?
A. Switching to a journal based lower fat diet like weight watchers, or olive oil based fat like a Mediterranean style Diet or a healthy fat healthy carb diet like South beach might work after a slight gain but just switching from low carb to a low fat probably won't work very well. You'd end up eating way too many calories in carb. I first lost with deal a meal and switched to low fat and it was a disaster.
Whole angel food cakes have no fat in them. A whole package of fat free fig bars. I think you get the picture.
There is a lot of sugar and calories in low fat baked goods and you can gain a lot of weight.

Q Why does Atkins Diet have fat in it?
Can I just cut the fat out?
A. you can't just cut the fat out Atkins without running the risk of making yourself very ill.
Protein and fat are filling but fat has another function in low calorie without fat the diet can get too low in calories.
People get so wrapped up in the word Ketosis they don't realize the real reason a diet such as Atkins works its low in calorie. When they actually studied slow carb dieters in a hospital setting instead of just sending home food with them low carbers consumed less calories than the average diet. Lets face it people lie about how much they eat. South Beach which is lower in fat than Atkins ups the calories by use of whole grains. Fats are essential if you are doing a really low carb diet.

Q How can low carb be low calorie?
A. Let's say you normally eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and a biscuit with butter. You switch to skinless chicken, lower carb green beans and an instant oatmeal you've cut out a large amount of calories.

Q. What about Ketosis? If I never get to Ketosis can I still lose weight?
A. You do not need to go into Ketosis to have huge losses on low carb diets.
Most successful low carbers replace simple and refined carbs with carbs from non starchy vegetables and maybe a serving of whole grains. Oatmeal doesn't raise blood sugar as fast as other carb foods though some might be allergic. Oatmeal is used in high protein recipes created by body builders.
low carb diets are lower calorie diets.

Q. You talk about Ketosis, iS Ketosis even real? If it is real shouldn't I stay in induction stage longer or remove even more for quick weight loss and get to Ketosis as long as possible
A. Ketosis is real, but it runs some risks. Diets like Atkins have short term interdictions so that Ketosis doesn't turn into something else.
Some say Ketosis is not the same as ketoacidosis and this is not fully true. Ketosis most likely is the much milder form ketoacidosis by staying in Ketosis for too long or two fast you run the risk of becomimg. ketoacidosis means the glucose being depleted is coming from the brain.
The symptoms of ketoacidosis are a constant nauseous or a semi nauseous state, headaches, nasty mood swings, and passing out.

I starting getting mood swings and was the verge of of SNATT but not quite there and still feeling starved. I had later thought this was ketosis and someone who read this said it probably wasn't and I got of lucky. I am not diabetic but it runs in my family. "Diet soda pretzel fast" when I was in my late teens or early 20's. I realized fasting which is okay for short term religious reasons is not okay for weight loss. In fact when I fast I have a tendency to gain. I couldn't get to McDonalds fast enough.
ketoacidosis is low cal diets too.
So don't think your under 1000 calorie diet is healthier than a low carb diet at 1,200. Diets should not go under 1,200 calories. 800 calorie diets have to be done in a hospital setting.
High carb very low calorie diets that can thrust someone into this condition. So to say it's caused strictly by low carb dieting is a lie in of itself.

Q.I am diabetic is low carb right for me.
A. There are specific carb counting diet for low carbers but one diabetic's carb count might need to be lower or higher than another so it's best to get a doctor to work with you. These are best as doctor supervised diet and many doctors believe these are better than the restrictive exchange doctors. Many doctors who are against Ketosis are for carb counting diets for diabetics.

Q. I read on a site that I didn't need fiber on my low carb diet and Fiber as a Weight loss aid is a myth?
This is incomplete information. Fiber is not a diet food. You don't need fiber to lose weight you need fiber to fill you up and relive constipation. There are many high carb foods that have refined sugar but no fiber and veggies with little carbs and lots of fiber.
Do not use high almounts of fiber substitutes with soda. That will add to constipating and bloating.

Q. Is low fat dairy bad because of the carbs?
A. Low fat dairy has the same or in some cases lower carb as cream. Servings of the cream are just much less. So eating one or two low fat, sugar free yogurts a day should not hurt. I would rather get my fats through healthy oils and peanut butter but that's just me.

Q. I thought ultra Low Calorie Diets were life extending.
A. Most anorexics that eat an under 1,000 calorie a day diet have a shortened life span.
The life extending diets are around 1200 to 1400 and there is not enough evidence they work in humans. They are not weight loss diets though if you put most people on a diet of 1200 calories a day they will lose weight unless they have a shaky metabolism. After a while there body should get used to it but some will continue to lose.

Q. But shouldn't I be able just to live on my extra body fat to do a Very low calorie diet?
A. No, diets too low in calorie can set you up for binging which ads more calories. Teens who do very low calorie diets are more likely to be obese later in life. Also very low calorie diets can weaken your muscle. Your heart is a muscle.
Extreme low calorie diets are especially bad for the supper obese. Many super obese bingers can have eating disorder. Some call this disorder BED but that often lumps people with different disease together.
Some with bed are borderline or full bulimics. Not all bulimics purge. Some who do purge can be much bigger than a person with healthy eating. The thin bulimic is mostly a myth.

Q. Isn't gastric bypass the easy way out?
A. No it's one of the hardest.
Gastric bypass is for those who can't lose weight any other way most likely because they have some underlining eating disorder.
Some even die. They had major health problems before.

Q. Don't gastric bypass patients eat very low calorie diets?
A. Their diets have to be moderated by professionals.
They do try to keep their calories at a healthy range. As I said before some die. They rarely are thin. So eating too low a calorie can hurt you hitting your goal weight.

Q. I am losing weight, so doesn't it mean this diet is working?
A. No it doesn't. Get back with me a year from now and tell me if your still losing or maintaining your weight. A weight loss program only works if you can keep it off for over a year. Someone will lose weight even a bad diet.

Q My low carb diet says you weigh yourself nightly if you gain more than two pounds at night you ate too many carbs.
A. You can be perfect with carbs and still gain over two pounds at night with water retention.
Some self proclaimed diet experts don't understand water weight and scale fluctuations.

Q But I see on TV people losing 27 pounds in one weigh in. Why can't I lose that fast.
A. Some people lose faster than others but when you lose that fast some of that will be water and muscle. When you get to a smaller size this slows down.

Q My diet guru says stalls don't exist and that I must be cheating.
A. If you hit a stall journal your food. You might be eating too much or too little. I hit a stall for weeks and by adding a 100 calories and going for less salty more healthy fat based foods I started losing again.
Also it could mean your exercising is getting boring and it needs a change.

It's Health Not size
I've talked about this before but I wanted to go into more depth.

I am pounds heavier than my bmi says I should be. I am best at ten to 20 pounds heavier. When I am a bmi of 21 I feel sick and look sick. I tend to need extra body fat and my nurse fractioned put me on WW breast feeding points till I stabilized. Some of my too thin pictures float around and I honestly looked better at 200 plus pounds than when I was 114 to 117 range.
I don't have to be a size 2 or double 00. I lost over pounds was really so thin at one time. The store girl was shocked someone as tiny as I was couldn't fit in their smallest size. I am short and delicate boned but have a wider hips, ribs, and shoulders.
There some women who were 20 to 30 pounds heavier than me who could fit smaller clothes than I can due to body shape. Then I seen starkness in some saying she can't be 2 she must be a 4. Different cloth stores have different sizes. I've fit in extra small in one line and large in another.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones


Anonymous Say NO to Kimkins said...

Your little one was pretty smart, eh?

Please avoid the Kimkins Diet Scam.

This is a dangerous, very low calorie, starvation diet, promoted by a women who lied about losing 198 lbs. in 11 months, and claimed to have kept it off for over 5 years.

When she appeared for the deposition for the , she was even larger than her "before" picture. She used pictures taken from various Russian Bride websites for her "after" pictures and those of the fabricated "success stories" she put on her website.

For anyone who may be looking to lose weight, please do a web search before considering following the
Kimkins Diet.

You really owe it to yourself to do your homework first.

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