Monday, December 10, 2007

STAY at Home Servers

Iportion on Money:
My husband's big gift which he does know what it is, will be coming so late that it will not be a Christmas gift but a valentine's gift. So we will have a big budget valentines day. :-)

I always thought I'd so those ultra budget Christmas, but I just find getting gifts people will love a lot of fun. I bought my husband three fun gifts and a stocking stuffer because I wanted to surprise him.
I spent way less on Halloween and Thanksgiving and do not feel guilty. I did pay extra on ordering with wrapping paper and it was so worth it.

STAY at Home Servers
Techy stay at home Mom's might find this funny. I know I did. It's an ad.

My mom sent me the kimkin's magazine in our Christmas care package. It's
easy to see why smart people fell for this. It had none of the diet
behind the diet info in it.

For my husband my littlr one
and all the kind words of my children's book


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