Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bribing Yourself on a Budget

I saw great post on Starling Fitness on bribing yourself for exercise and someone asked what if money is tight?
I haven't been posting for a while because fitness right now is only a tiny bit of what I've been doing. I have been mainly exercising on a wii fit since December and I lost a lot of the weight I put on during the year. I am thinking of starting a new blog. I might go to a gratitude blog.

Bribing Yourself on a Budget

Want to bribe yourself for working out but don't have the cash. Why not do bribes that are recession fighting as well.
1. Treat yourself with non money gifts, foot soaks, a book you've want from the library.
2. Keep rewards for down the road when you have money. You can keep a small pocket calendar or even a piece of scrap paper. Just put a simple check every time you make a goal. I like smiley faces when I am keeping goal but those take more time.
3. Cheap rewards, maybe every couple dozen 30 minute workouts is five dollars you get to spend at a dollar store.
4. If you have a spouse/love maybe he/she can give you free rewards. Rewards can be queen/king for the day.
5. Make your reward something that will save you money if you're always buying bottled make your reward a reusable water bottle. If you eve exercise gadgets that take batteries a reward might be rechargeable batteries and a charger something that will save you money and time of having to rush out to the store for new ones.
6. If you want to reward yourself with clothes as you lose, think thrift store. This will be a cheaper option if you're changing sizes and need a few in between pieces. My sister has found designer jeans for her wardrobe. Donate items you can no longer wear as well. Your bigger sized clothes might be needed by someone else on their weight loss journey.

My Sci-Fi novel came out it's a comedy. I don’t know when the print version will be out. It's available on download in multiple formats.


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