Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yourself! Fitness Lifestyle: My Wish List
VH Melville

The new Yourself! Fitness video game tiled Yourself Fitness Lifestyle is coming this Christmas. I have to buy a copy.
I loved the first version of Yourself! Fitness. I felt like I really had my own trainer. I hear they are making customizable music and more backgrounds. That will be so sweet.
I have a wish list for future versions.

1. More simple Equipment: Such as stretch bands, jump ropes, hula hoops, boxing gloves, mini pedal cycles, and pedometers.
2. Have Maya tell you what hand weight will be best, heavier or lighter.
3. New workouts such as belly dancing, walking workouts, kick boxing, Bhangra and Salsa.
4. For the guys: A male version of Maya.
5. Meal Planner: Printable food daily and weekly journals. A calorie log in the meal planner would also be cool.
6. Meal Planner: Information on how to reduce calories but keep flavor in cooking.
7. Meal Planner: A filter on the meal planner so people can better choose recipes for their lifestyle such as making them all mini meals, all vegetarian, or high fiber.
8. Meal Planner: Being able to add your own recipes, decipher nutrition and make pdf cookbooks. Being able to add ingredients and to be able to share those ingredient files with other Yourself! Fitness users would be a huge plus.
9. Rewards: Having the fitness tips be rewarded to us with each work out and the tips go to are wall of earned fitness tips. Also having a wall of reward icons, virtual rewards if you will for every ten workouts.
10. Rewards: Having Easter eggs for every 50 workouts.
11. Being able to schedule your physical challenge. This would be great and I could change it to my weekly WI day.
12. Maya: More interaction from Maya. It would also be great if Maya would give you home work assignments of exercise to do while not on line.
13. A BMI Calculator so people could figure out if their goal weight is a healthy one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost a year later and still, no sequel. Hate to burst your bubble, but it ain't gonna happen.... sorry.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure: the company have been embroiled in a law suit for ages, but it has recently ended. There have been noises over the last few weeks that an announcement is imminent, and yesterday (14/2/2007) the company posted on the YF! forum effectively saying "Don't give up, watch this space for important news to be released shortly". Fingers crossed!

8:14 AM  

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