Thursday, March 16, 2006

Deprivation and Binges

By VH Melville
Going into diet mode always made me miserable while dieting. I couldn’t have Halloween candy because I was dieting. I had to wipe all the oil of the pizza slice and cry later because I felt even that was cheating.
Then I’d lose the weight. I'd then become upset about something and go grab that container of frosting and eat the whole thing. That was my life. When I was slenderizing, people were praising me. It when I was over 200 pounds that a spark entered my life. He was the man who would become my husband. He praised me and cherished me either way. I wanted to get healthy to match how he made me feel on the inside.
I realize now that I can’t deprive myself. I use my Weight Watchers Dining Out Guide and research some foods I might be having in the future. Deprivation should not be part of Weight Watchers. Yes, some days I will mess up. I will try my best. Yes, I am eating clean but I am enjoying what I am eating. The old clichéd line “nothing tastes better than thin feels” is a lie spouted by people who got thin in ugly, unhealthy ways. A better way to look at is: Is a food is worth your calories or points, or Deal-A-Meal cards?
Deprivation is tempting fate for me.


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