Friday, March 10, 2006

Be a Beauty Queen At Any Size or Budget

By VH Melville
You are beautiful now, not when you lose ten pounds, not when you lose 30 or even 200! Your weight loss journey should not be in belittling yourself, but getting healthy, strong, and wearing the clothes you feel look great. You might be a smaller size, but you were always stunningly gorgeous.

Don’t feel you are too fat for makeup and too fat for a boyfriend. I met my husband when I was over 200 pounds. He loves me at any size. He respects my weight loss journey.
Get a crown for home use. Bestow a pageant title on yourself. Mine is Sweet Pixie.
Weight loss is hard, but maintaining it is harder so don’t stop rewarding yourself. Give yourself small rewards for maintaining.
Exercise: A fat person who exercises is a whole lot healthier than a thin person who doesn’t. I know thin people who found out the hard way that just because you’re thin doesn’t make you healthy.
1. Treat others right after you lose the weight. If you lose the weight, do not belittle those who haven’t made the journey yet. Do not mock beginner questions just because you’ve answered them to other people. . on’t try to sabotage someone else if your journey is not going well. Don’t shove their favorite junk food at them.
2. You can’t love yourself without loving others. How can you love yourself if you're treating others unkindly? Not caring for yourself is showing less love for your family. They need a vibrant, healthy, happy mom to show them they matter.
3. Your beauty is not determined by how much you can spend or how much you can save. Some manage Weight loss quite well on a budget but not everyone can, wants or has too keep to a smaller budget.


Blogger alex said...

This was great! It has taken me so long to learn to accept me right this minute no matter what size I am or how much I weigh. I know that I am still a person and that I matter...even on my bad days!


8:31 PM  
Blogger alex said...

A friend from church ask me Wednesday night if I wanted to start walking with her at lunch. I looked at her with SHOCK on my face I am sure becasue she is very me looks like she has a very nice figure with no weight to loose. Then she explain that she went to the Dr and he was not happy with her blood work and she has gained 25 pounds since she got married. She is ok with her weight right now, but wanting to walk to be healthier and to make sure that she doesn't gain anymore weight. I said sure I would walk wtih her and we started on Friday. I learned no to judge someone by just looking...from my view she was someone I was jealous of because she is thin, but everyone has there own challenges and reasons for exercise. Our walk on Friday was nice. Adult conversation is rare in my house with the boys. I am looking forward to walking with her this week!

8:36 PM  

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