Tuesday, February 28, 2006

FreefromFat the interview
By Iportion

Carla has lost 115 pounds doing a combination plan.
She lost with Weight Watchers and the exercise system The Firm. She has appeared in Firm infomercials and on QVC.
Carla’s site can be found here: http://www.freewebs.com/dimpledn/index.htm

Iportion: Carla I saw using a ball chair on your site. I sit on a basic body
Ball when doing home office work.
Carla: I don't actually have the ball chair, but am very interested in it! I do have a stability ball, but mainly use it to play around on while watching TV etc.

Iportion: Maintaining weight is often harder than weight loss, what tip
would you pass for keeping the weight off?
Carla: Journal, weigh your food, and measure same things you do to lose...you just get more food now! I also recommend keeping a watch on the scale, I weigh
daily to keep in tune with my body and to stay on track.

Iportion: VH Melville: I agree, most of the times I gained my weight back with past attempts was feeling I could take a break from it once I goaled. This time I am still using the food scale and journal.

Iportion: What’s one of favorite junk foods?
Carla: CHOCOLATE w/ nuts! I also love pizza...the more cheese the better!

Iportion: How do you make a supportive environment for yourself?
Carla: I have recently set up an area in my house for exercise only. Having an area just for it is so inviting!
Also I am on the boards a lot which are very supportive! I surround myself with health info as well, by reading everything I can get my eyes on! I also keep my food scale in plain sight on my counter top, so I don't have to drag it out to weigh the food.

Iportion: Thank you so much for granting this interview.


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