Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Imaginative Elegance Rewards On A Budget: Weight Loss Rewards
By VH Melville

These are rewards for health goals along the way for little money. Everyone needs rewards whether they’re losing or maintaining.
1. Dollar store bubble bath
2. Flavored lip balm.
3. A facial.
4. A trip to the bargain movie theater if your town has one.
5. A fitness DVD from K-mart or Wal-Mart
6. A cheap paperback or e-book
7. A retro toy you liked such as a tank of Sea Monkeys, a slinky, a coloring book with crayons, or a few containers of play dough.
8. A book on making cosmetics and home spa treatments
9. A cute dress and pantsuit from a thrift store.
10. A foot massage from a kind spouse
11. A jump rope or hula hoop.
12. A scheduled nap
13. Cheap eye shadow.
14. A shopping spree at the 99 cent store
15. Fitness books bought at a yard sale

Money to Burn Rewards: A Life of Luxury
By VH Melville

Everyone needs rewards whether they’re losing or maintaining.
These are rewards ideas for those who have lots of cash. If you suddenly come into a few million here are ways to spend your cash.
1. A trip to the spa
2. Sephora gift certificate
3. A shopping spree at Dilards or Bloomingdales
4. Gold sandals.
5. A personal trainer
6. Gourmet low-point brownies made by a personal chef
7. A $2,000 gift certificate
8. A new treadmill
9. A trip on Richard Simmons' Cruise To Lose
10. A trip to England, China and Rome
11. A trip to Paris just to shop
12. Jewels
13. Executive sea monkey tank.
14. A stylist to help you pick your goal clothes.
15. A Moo Roo handbag.


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