Monday, February 20, 2006

Clothes Goddess: The gift of Love
By VH Melville
When you’re slenderizing, what do you plan to do with your clothes? I think you might want to make Salvation Army or Goodwill bags of your better “too-big-for-you” outfits. These outfits just take up closet space, and you need to get out of the “what if I gain it all back?” mindset.
Sometimes it’s hard to find cute clothes when you are heavier, but many companies don’t realize that many woman will pay more for clothes that look good. I believe good clothes should be for the pretty zaftig women too. You’d be helping all those women out there.
If you’re strapped for cash you might try a consignment store or sell them on E-Bay.
You can be the fairy Godmother or sister or daughter to a plus-sized Cinderella or a woman who couldn’t afford or find nice clothes before you showed up to the thrift store with your bag of magic tricks. The greatest part is -- she can now look great all the time instead of until midnight.


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