Thursday, February 09, 2006

We are in this Together “Understanding”
Sea Nonkey
Sometimes people who have 10, 15, 30, and 40 pounds to lose feel sort overshadowed by those who have lost 50 to 75 pounds. They feel even more overshadowed by someone with over 100 to lose. I have lost over 100 and have seen people with 15 pounds to lose struggle and work hard for that loss. The work you put into it is worth it. Give yourself a hand. Now, of course there are people who want to lose 20 pounds and they are at the right weight or underweight. Remember the old clichéd saying, “nothing tastes better then thin feels.” People who are constantly striving to be underweight are not happy. I’ve been thin and unhappy. Health tastes a lot better. Sometimes as someone with a lot to lose we get jealous of that person with only 30 pounds to lose. I know that I’ve done it, but I realized I was wrong and I saw how hard they were working. Sometimes it’s even harder too lose if you have less too lose, sometimes it’s not. Why do
we judge people who are bigger than us? How did they get that way? It’s not always the thyroid. Some abuse victims are more likely to be obese. Some people will never lose except through gastric bypass. This is dangerous, but it’s a last resort. If you see a friend, take their hand and walk together. You might find you have more in common than you think.


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