Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Being back OP

I left for vacation last year with the best intentions of staying on plan.
I didn't really think that burger king and the other fast food chains would be screaming my name every time i walked past them.
One burger within ice cream within points here.
My taste buds began to remember their old friends and soon my small milkshake turned into the giant super sized milkshakes and my hips began their return to supersize.
The thrill of shopping for 2 sizes smaller pants turned into fear of not being able to fit into them again.
This didn't stop me from eating myself into oblivion.
A habit that stuck around a bit too long after vacation.
I tried to get back on plan.....i fell off
One day on, one week off.
Binges of the worst kind (i'm talking .....i'd bake cookies twice a night and eat both batches) some nights.
I felt sick and horrible after but i kept going.
I realised i had a public function to attend where i wouldn't be able to be invisible, so i had to force myself to get back on plan and stay there.
It may have been my saving grace.
This event takes place in two weeks and i'm hoping the taste of feeling thinner will take me to the many tough times beyond that event.
I have been on plan for only 3 days (i was terrified to jinx myself by writing this) and i feel good already.
I'm actually exercising too.
While i don't feel as spurred on and optimistic as before, at least i've managed to stick it out past one day.
I am praying and working my way through the hours.
I won't weigh before the event, or perhaps well after , but the fit of those skinny black pants will tell me where i'm at!
In the coming weeks i'll post updates along with tips i pick up for avoiding food when i'm not hungry, just craving and any other things i find i have to add.
Keep me in your thoughts.


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