Monday, February 27, 2006

Fitness Tools to Use
By VH Melville
These are fitness tools and foods I love, but you might have your own tools that helped you.

1. Dry measuring cups. This is good for measuring prepared food items. Keep them out in the open so you don’t have to hunt.

2. A small kitchen scale for figuring the weight of meat and other items.
Measuring spoons

3. A copy of Master Cook version 7 or 9. Using it is a bit tricky, but it’s great for meal planning.
A lined journal for writing done what you ate as well as ideas for plans.

4. Yourself Fitness I really hope they sell upgrades to this game soon.

5. A library card for Some libraries have fitness magazines, healthy cookbooks and even fitness DVDs and tapes. You can find out which of these items are worth buying.

6. A pretty bowl. Make your snacks like green apples look even better with cute dishes that you actually use.


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