Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Confession: I ate real butter yesterday
I hadn’t had butter as a spread in a while. I used to binge on it mostly on bread but sometimes don’t mean to gross anyone out but I’d just eat it straight. When I was on the losing side of my diet I’d keep it frozen in the fridge for baking. I would use a teaspoon for the crust as binder for my semi light cheesecakes.
Now here is the good part I cut off a very small part and weighed it on my digital scale and used a special calculator to figure out the calories and fat. I found I didn’t need a whole tbs. I did count it. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking it’s just a little bit and it doesn’t count. Well it all ads up no matter what you weigh.

Tip For the day.
Just one day till Thanksgiving. I want you to take the time to pamper yourself today and take the time to smile today. There are too many stressed people during this time.


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