Saturday, December 30, 2006

About Last night’s Binge

About Last night’s Binge

Updated: I have had more time to reflect on last nights binge. Anyone with more pointers for me?

More added not so benefits of binging

1. Bloat
2. More cravings not less
3. Increased feelings of why you binged in the first place. The feelings could be stress, loneliness or more of them.
4. Harder to get back the next day or even at all.
5. A defected attitude, well I ruined one day I might as ruin this day or maybe I need a break.
6. More grocery expense because your buying more food unless you only start eating cheap junk.

Reasons why we binge
1. Our diet is to restrictive
2. We’re not eating enough calories or going too long without food.
3. We decide to binge. We decide the problem is worth the binge. Is it really.
4. Hormonal changes like time of the month can trigger weird food cravings
5. Stress
6. Our diet is way to loose we’ve been not writing things down here and there
7. A lot of people who say they do fine during the day then binge at night are eating too many non filling snack foods.
8. They do not eat enough filling vegetables.
9. Lack of planning. They know stress from work or not packing a healthy lunch causes a binge and they just so it anyway.
10. Not drinking enough water sometimes when we over eat we’re really thirst.
11. Not enough exercise: Exercise raises endorphins.
12. Real traumatic events that cause binge disorders and sometimes a professional needs to be sought out.
13. I don’t drink but for some drinking can lead to binging
14. We eternalize our problems instead of dealing with them
15. We act the “fake martyr” meaning we do everything for everyone than wine and put a show about it. Being a real martyr is being a willing sacerfice. The “fake martyr” is not really willing to sacrifice because we want people to pay for what we give them one way or another. This why the “I put myself first now to lose weight” is a cliché beaches they were putting themselves first before but in a backward way.
16. No one to talk too. YA I know that what weight watcher boards are for is and I should have gone to one.
17. They don’t eat enough protein or healthy carbs like oatmeal.
18. They don’t pamper themselves.
19. Watching to much TV. Too many food commercials.
20. Not being responsible: they let things slide like not journaling some foods. Not checking the points or calories when they have a food guide in their purse.
21. Letting other people dictate their emotions. “This one is hard”
22. Not finding something else to do.
23. Wrongly thinking they may never have their favorite foods again.

What I need to do: I have to examine those things in myself.

The stress I cannot change. Here’s what I can change?
It’s harder to eat fresh vegetables for me now. So I have to count canned non starch veggies as free. I need to eat less processed snacks and more fruits and grains. I need to exercise more and drink more water. I need to eat more protein and more oatmeal. I think yesterday I didn’t have any oatmeal. I have to journal better and take more responsibly but I have to ease up on myself. I also didn’t eat as much dairy as I should have last night.


Blogger angelfish24 said...

You have some good ideas as to why we can binge. I really don't binge much but I have having a few too many sweets since xmas day. I'm still exercising though, well some. I think I need to purge the house of junk as there seems to be more from xmas. I hope you are doing better tomorrow and see the last of the binges. Holidays are darn hard and I'm glad they will be over soon!

1:35 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Thanks, writing it really helped me work through things.
I did better today but it's still hard. I din't buy the 1/2 off candy the day I binged.

2:41 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

So much is habit. I relate smoking to the same thing... darn triggers. I use to automatically light up a cigarette as soon as I got in the car or when I drank a cup of coffee. I noticed that with food too. Snacking when certain shows were on tv or when I sat in a certain chair whether I was hungry or not. I was able to quit smoking and reduce the snacking by realizing these triggers.

I use to like and try to look at stress from different angles. Saw them as various challenges breaking them down to small things and working on problem solving. It seemed to help me. Sometimes when we try and over-think things, we make more stress for ourselves. I use to drive myself crazy doing that.

10:06 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

I think looking at why I binged has helped me. It's been a hard day so I hope I can make a third day without a binge.

5:28 PM  

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