Saturday, December 23, 2006

truffles, buns and Eating more.

I made homemade hamburger rolls/buns for the first time okay my bread machine helped. I could have walked to the store but I bought so much in the last two weeks and I want something worthy of these hamburgers. We’re having burgers tomorrow but I wanted something nice and homemade. I made the rolls/buns a little smaller because they would have calorie monsters without them and I am saving my calories for truffles and turkey.

I was thinking about healthy eating and I came up with "Eat More!"

Eat more! : Vegetables
Eat The foods you love: Just less of them
Eat More!: No starvation binges
Eat candy: If you have too many off limit foods you'll have binges but be honest is the food worth it.
I relished a truffle and snickers kudu’s bar does more for me than a regular snicker's bar. I found I can freeze some kind of chocolate.
You don't have to move to lose weight: Exercise if you can anyway. Of course you should check with a doctor. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you a little happier. Active people need more fuel.
Eat a salad before you go to a party.


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