Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peanut Butter Balls

I made peanut butter balls last night with real peanut butter but in the end they were so small they weren’t so bad calorie wise. I didn’t dip in chocolate so that saved calories.
It’s simple to make to. ½ cup peanut butter and half cup powdered sugar mix in a bowl with a fork shaped ball. Next time I might try making them even lighter I am thinking of a little fat free cream cheese but only a little.
It’s hard not to keep munching on these I am sending them with my husband as a snack. He loves them. I think I might roll them in coco powder next time and make them truffles.

Good News
Webgirl hopefully should be returning soon now that school is over. She needs to get more settled in before she posts.


Blogger Bob said...

You should try using Z-Trim with them. it would help you cut calories and fat, which will allow you to eat them without feeling bad and you could add the chocolate.
I read about a natural fat replacement ingredient called Z Trim on page 90 of the book “You on a Diet” by Oprah’s doctor, Mehmet Oz. I ordered off of the Z Trim web site and have been cooking with it for a few weeks now. It works and its easy. It lowers calories by replacing portions of the oils, butter, and other fats. It also adds fiber to foods, because it basically is corn fiber made into a gel that works like fat in most cooking. They say it is undetectable, and that’s true. My cooking tastes like it always did. I’ve lost some weight, slowly. It’s a sensible approach and its natural. I eat what I want; it tastes as good as it always did, and I’m finally “right-sizing” my body. A total win-win.

2:04 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

I never read the book or tried Z-Trim. I am hearing some people use the book with WW.

4:16 AM  

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