Thursday, December 07, 2006

Healthy Plan for Society

Healthy Plan for Society
A few Days a go I outlined the causes of obesity.

What are your ideas? These just popped in head. Do they sound right?

1. Work with doctors and dietitians to create a new BMI
2. When submitting to Toys for Tot programs, donate jump ropes, twister, hula hoops, Nintendo wii, and other movement based toys.
3. For walking clubs at work
4. Add a stability ball or a mini cycle to your home office
5. Form community gardens
6. For charity; Donate canned vegetables, powdered milk, dry beans, whole wheat pasta, unsweetened fortified cereal, oatmeal to shelters instead of junk food. If you are vegetrain canned wheat meat might work.
7. Treat people of all sizes with respect not just the very small or the fit.
8. Cook as families together.
9. Get together with parents and form after school exercise clubs for both parents and kids. Teens would get their own class but could do to the parent kid class if they want to.
10. Make home economics class a way to teach healthy cooking, as well as needed skills such as balancing a check book.


Blogger PearShapedGirl said...

Sounds like you've got some great ideas. I really like the thought of donating "action" toys for children. If only we could get the rest of the world in on this plan. I guess we have to start with ourselves and work outwards, right?

12:40 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

I think if we all just try our best others will to.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Why bother with a new BMI when we have body fat percentage, which does solves all of the problems of the BMI way better than any BMI could ever hope to?

7:10 PM  

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