Monday, November 27, 2006

Dressing Up my home

I got to sleep into day which is always a plus
My exercise to today was walking to the groceries store and getting groceries and bringing them back. Yes it’s only a few minutes but every bit of movement counts. Okay it was also with powerful winds to my back. I had to come back an indirect way so to avoid it scare in the face.

I’ve been inspired by Living to Feel good. I felt needed to decorate my home.
Yesterday: I put up a little nativity set and I also put up a metal star center piece.
It looks very nice and not overly done. They were gifts from my mommy. (Mother in law but I claim her.)

I wish I had ivy and white Christmas lights to string up. I did set up some Christmas tree shaped decorations so I have a mini and I mean doll size tree.
I just can’t think of away of keeping my little one from knocking over our larger plastic tree so I am not sure I will set it up. It's our Charlie brown Christmas tree.
My husband and I bought the tree at big lots a couple years back. My sister bought the same one but her tree looked like the transformed tree due to her careful use of green tinsel.

I organized Christmas presents and put some away for birthdays. I need to walk to the hard where store and get some stick’s to put up.

I put some things in storage.


Blogger PearShapedGirl said...

Hi there, thanks for the comment on my blog, you definitely have a good point about will power being overrated! Liveable life plan is the key for sure.

Sounds like you've set up your home to be rather festive and cosy for the holiday season!

Take care,

10:11 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Thanks :-) I've done the whole ristrict till you binge and the thing is I was at goal when I started these binges.

I love my new snug look. I need to get the stiky wall things to put up the art om the walls

8:41 PM  

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