Friday, December 08, 2006

New Shoes

Things I did this week

1. Went to the post office and got my new indoor shoes or rather water clogs. I am not a huge show person but I do like comfort.
2. Ate tofu this week
3. Indulged on chocolate truffles and salad. I staid within my calories points but I did have a little two much fun with sweets.
4. Read 7 habit of Effective people wrote poetry. I’ve been writing poetry today. I used to write poetry all the time now I mostly write it when I am stressed unless it’s a gift. I am a lot happier now but writing poetry sure beats eating a can of frosting.
5. Made supper and invited someone over.
6. Thought loving thought of my husband.

Right now I will tidy the living room and then read some blogs.


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