Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Decided to Binge

I decided to over eat. I decided to binge. I am not unhappy. I am very happy but I have a been so busy and exhausted. I injured my hand and stressed out my back today.
I decided to start over tomorrow. Which will be hard because it’s still the Holiday weekend.
I binged tonight not a vegetable binge but a real binge. I hope this is an isolated incident. What else can’t I stuff into my mouth? I haven’t felt this out of control in a long time. I am binging now as I type this. How sick is that? At least I am not scaring a whole angel food, a whole can of frosting or a stick of butter. I have in the past. I haven’t had a bad binge like this since early 05.
I counted over 50 points so far just in the binge.

1. I need to allow more canned vegetables and frozen and treat them as free too.
2. I need to talk to more people
3. Binge food in the long run doesn’t taste good, this doesn’t feel good. My body aches more from feeling over stuffed.
4. The binge was only fun for like 30 seconds.


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