Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After Sales

After Sales
I was with my beautiful family and friends. I went to two different parties. Presents were in the morning and I did a clean up before I left. I didn’t want to come home to the biggest disaster. I will talk about my husband’s big gift later. It was not in the least bit point or calorie friendly. It was a thank you for being so supportive to me even though he’s not on the plan.

I don’t think I will do any shopping for at least a week. I am hopping for two weeks.
I am just tired out from shopping. I will enjoy it in a couple more weeks but I might as well take advantage of the feeling. I really have enough food. I don’t want to catch the rush of after holiday shoppers this year even if it means losing out on sales.

Buying discounted wrapping paper after Christmas sales is not for me. I won’t be saving that much if I buy discounted wrapping paper that will just get destroyed, lost or become crinkled clutter.

I’d rather buy a good gift than a bad gift with nice paper.
I found the cutest way to recycle. I get so many catalogs but after I am done with them what do I do? I bought from these companies but mainly shop online. So I decided to use the catalogs as wrapping paper. You could probably recycle them again. . It didn’t look cheap but rather cute. I had run out of packing paper. This is the first year I came out with cute gift wrappings.

I will avoid most of the after Christmas candy sales. I love candy normally but I have enough candy. My Mom sent me some for Christmas and I bought choclolte truffles.
I can also easily make peanut butter balls.

I would like to buy some of the children’s toys but they only had two left of the toy I’d be interested in. I will wait till January and if I am able to get it


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