Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I loved my parent's in laws visit. I was able to cook leaner foods and my little ones had a great time. They left yesterday.
I did strength training yesterday and no walking. I hope to do some indoor dancing.

We bought the ice-cream and a new hat the brand new little one needs for the upcoming winter.
Ice cream and warm hats just seem to go together. We will just wait till it ships in.

One of the stores got some fat free chips in.

Writing: Some edits came back from one of my books. I have also been tinkering with a novel I wrote around ten years ago.


Blogger jodi said...

i bought an ice cream maker a few years ago and have yet to use it... now that it's getting cooler, who knows when i'll try it out - i do love homemade, vanilla though... so good with bananas, nuts, and hot fudge! mmm mmm... :o)

12:50 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

MY husband makes the the frozen yogurt which is funny. He bought the first machine for me. LOL
So I know he will use it. He wore it out :-)

3:18 AM  

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