Friday, September 07, 2007

Online Diets, Baby Clutter, Wii, Spendy, Fitness and thankful list

Online Fitness/diet Programs: Anyone a member of an online diet program? I am looking for an online program. I am doing weight watchers on my own but I'd like added support.
1. Weight watchers? 2. Tops? 3. Calorie King. 4. Spark people. 5. Fitday

Baby Clutter
VH Melville
Babies seem to need so much stuff and more furniture than adult does.
Many articles tell you what you need but many articles skip and forget to tell you what you don't need.

1. Baby walkers with wheels: These look fun at toy stores and many parents think that they will have faster walkers. What these well meaning parents are unaware of is these walkers are dangerous. They have problem with tipping over and can cause brain damage. Also many children have been burned when it gives them mobility to the stove.
2. Life Insurance: Children usually have no income, health insurance is a much choice.
3. Crib pillows, heavy quilts, large crib toys and borders. These are expensive, unneeded and sometimes unsafe.
4. Expensive baby clothes: It's good to have one or two nice Sunday outfits but for a newborn they grow out of things quickly and look good in a $5 dollar outfit as they do in $60 dollars.

I have always been more into casual and mini games so the wii seems cool. I am looking forward to the Wii Fit board as well as the game Ninja Bread Man which is a budget title.

I've been more spendy lately. Produce can be very expensive when you're eating healthy.

Fitness: I did a little stability ball and a little dancing.
If I eat out this week I will get delivery I am thinking grilled chicken sandwich or Chinese.

Thankful List
I am thankful for my husband and little ones
My friends
For water and peppermint tea


Blogger sarah said...

has a monthly fee but really great discussion groups.

is free and has a lot of useful information.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Once Upon A Dieter said...

I like eDiets. I'm doing one of their Freedom Challenges right now (and it has forced me back to drinking lots of water and offering and getting support. Which, at this time, when binge urges are attacking daily, is good.) great weight tracking. Nice support groups. TERRIFIC meal plans with recipes and you pick the plan you want. Also, lots of articles and help from experts. It's a good overall dieting site. But not free.

WW online is nice, too. Like eDiets, tracks your weight. Has an online journal and it helps with the calculating of points. Recipes. It's good. Like eDiets slightly better. But it's second.

I'd try the free ones first. See what you think.

But if you LIKE WW and the points or core system, then I recommend WW online.

The Princess Dieter (Mir)

11:19 AM  
Blogger Blissful Loser said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You had a baby!!!! congratuations!!!!!!!!!!

6:40 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

thanks for the info

Once Upon A Dieter Ya I like WW but on sure about WW online due to really wanting some sort of meating to go along with it like a chat with a leader. I woner if ediets does online meatings?

Blissful Loser thanks :-)
I love my new little one and so worth the weight gain :-) I am working o

7:25 PM  
Blogger Once Upon A Dieter said...

eDiets has online counselors, yeah, though I never contacted one. They also have online support groups, where you can interact with folks. :)

And congrats on the baby. That's worth gaining weight for.

BTW, I agree with your post about Britney. I think they're CRAZY to say she's fat. She is NOT fat. Insane thin-fanatics out there.


5:42 PM  

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