Monday, August 13, 2007

Why palystation3 "ps3" isn't selling

I probably will get my wii after my birthday. We couldn't find one at walmart
while on vacation and I am not paying twice the amount of money
for one. I got my husband a watch he needed but it's a bit big.

Why palystation3 "ps3" isn't selling?
VH Melville
I haven't yet played the ps3 but the problems are obvious. It has good graphics from what I've seen in screen shots, but graphics alone can't save the ps3. Can sony turn this into a win? Only time will tell.

1. Wii is hurting Ps3 in development. Ps3 is said to be
extremely difficult to program to so who wants a console with so few
2. Blue Ray shoved down our throats. It made the ps3 too expensive to
produce. It means regular DVDs won't work on it and that's a pain.
3. Little real value: It's issue with wii is not that ps3 people are
buying wii's but they most of the hard core gamers already own an xbox
360 and there is little value to the ps3 to warrant the price.
4. The console is ugly compared to a Wii or x box.
5. Lame controller that doesn't even rumble.
6. PS2 is outselling the ps3. Ore people want ps2's due to price and gameplay.
7. Wii’s are cheaper if you can get them.
8. you can exigencies with a wii better than a ps3. I don’t know if ps3 is planning bawdily needed improvements to their eye-toy. I loved kinetics by the way but readability of the eye toy needs improvement and some of the other titles are buggy.
9. Over promising
10. Massive delays

Love husband and little one


Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

we used to buy every console that came out, but my family has finally stopped at the PS2. I dunno if we'll even get a PS3 or WII or xbox, as we don't really play games anymore. I have a Nintendo DS but I hardly use it now neither. Maybe i just got too old!

9:27 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

I don't play my ps2 much. I do really like the idea of fitness gaming?
I myself always end up playing PC games. I sort of like casual gaming and simulation

5:19 PM  

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