Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finished my Book

I finished Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows around 4pm Thursday. I got the book in the mail Tuesday. I loved it. Parts were sad and there was a death that became so sad and touching in the chapters afterword. Some pages stuck together so I had to go back and re-read some parts :-(

I was asked why I am thankful for apples. I love apples it's like candy to me.
Fresh fruit where I live can get rather expensive and sometimes hard to get. We are having good sales right now. Little things can bless as well.

I will be busy with my family so bye for now. I hope I can find a little time here and there to post but I may not be back to blogging full time for another month or two. I will be just way too busy Hopefully webgrl

Thankful List
My husband and little one
My friends


Blogger jodi said...

haven't picked up the HP book yet but would like too - also need to see the new movie... hope the upcoming weeks aren't too busy for you - enjoy! :o)

9:38 AM  

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