Friday, April 07, 2006


By VH Melville
Eating a few slices of pizza if you have the points or the calories is fine if you are calorie counting. It is not cheating on Weight Watchers if you have the points. Yes, make and buy low-calorie versions of food you love, but it is okay to have the real thing. Do not deprive yourself. Buy a Weight Watcher Dining Out and Complete Food Guide kit and plan. Do not deprive yourself when making low-calorie versions either. Food should never be tasteless and horrid just to lower the points. Yes, my taste buds have changed and I enjoy new produce and foods, but some products and recipes are just bad. Some low calorie recipes might tickle my taste buds but do nothing for yours. A parfait or a pie using philo dough will taste better than a pie with a bad crust. Sometimes you never know it’s bad until you ask someone else who’s tried it or made it yourself. Experiment with cooking. You’ll find that some dishes that sound odd will be surprisingly good, yet others will just be surprising.


Blogger Chris said...

My mom and I were talking about taste buds the other day. Somewhere it says, your tastes change ever seven years. I agree with experimenting. It makes cooking fun and it can be a good way of cleaning out a refrigerator.

9:05 PM  

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