Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Find Your Inner $20 Beauty Queen
VH Melville

After therapy, going to an ADD support group, and getting sink reflections I felt better about myself. I am now back on program with the Fly Lady after falling off.
I wanted to prepare and be the mom my future child deserved.
When I joined Weight Watchers, I had a few goals: help stave off diabetes, look like the woman my husband thought I looked like, and get some kicking goal prizes that both my husband and I would love. Then a new goal happened. I wanted to enter a beauty contest. I still was 212 pounds at that point. I wanted to be a beauty queen, but didn’t have the time, and I didn’t want to waste the money. Every woman deserves to play beauty queen.

1. Give yourself a title. Are you a Mrs. Sassy Homemaker or a Miss Working Goddess? Sorry, VH Melville has been taken!

2. Wear your tiara. You don't always need a crown on your head to be a queen

3. Buy yourself a $20 or less evening gown.

4. If you like department store makeup, by all means get it! Even a well-to-do or rich girl can find her inner $20 beauty queen. Make sure you get a cool free gift. Don't buy beauty products you don't use.

5. Get your friends together and create a royal court.

6. Find some “me time”. I don't mean exercise. Exercise with your kids, by yourself or with your spouse. Use your “me time” to do what you want to do like dancing, writing, painting, reading, singing, having a bubble bath, praying or other hobbies.

7. A message for all queens, kings, princess and princes of the court. Relationships fail because of one word: selfishness. People expect the other person to make them happy instead of trying to make the other person happy.

8. Set goals on what you really want in life.

9. Go on a date with your spouse once a week. It gets tricky after children are born.

10. Have your own inner beauty queen party. Put on your tiara and your own sashes. Celebrate your life.

11. Single women: Don’t date men who won’t show you, the Goddess, off to friends or family or take you on real dates. Chances are something is wrong with him and you deserve to be adored.

12. True inner beauty means doing kind things for others. Maybe once a year you and your royal court should pick a charity project. Things like singing Christmas songs to the elderly and sick in rest rooms, making blankets for children in the hospital, or delivering meals. You can’t say yes to everyone who asks, but you can help others in your own beautiful way.


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