Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Saving on Gas: For Your Journey

Saving on Gas: For Your Journey
By VH Melville
Edited By Bonnie Kaye
You want to afford healthy food, but you also need to get to your job. I’ve seen so many boycotts that ask you not to buy gas on a certain day. What if you need gas on the boycott day? If you get the gas the day before or after the gas spikes up and they will still get their money. You’re going to have to cut gas down over time. Gas stations make more money on junk food than gas.

1. Don’t be late to appointments. When you're too late for an appointment, reschedule. Saves gas money. Don’t speed, just leave a little earlier.
2. Bring a map or use GPS when going to places you don’t know. Getting lost costs you gas.
3. If you have more than two cars for your family and one's not for business, sell it. Show cars are exceptions but if you haven’t displayed the car in a car show in the last two years then sell it.

4. Use old standards: bus tickets, bike riding, walking, carpooling and the train.

5. Sell your SUV or don’t buy one until more environmentally friendly ones come out. I hear there is one down the pike. (Buying a hybrid SUV won’t save you money, just gas if you have the money.) If you can’t get rid of your SUV, at least use it to carpool.
6. Go grocery shopping once a week, not two to three times a week.
Go with a list. Get canned and frozen vegetables as well as better storage containers for fresh vegetables. Frozen vegetables and canned vegetables can have more vitamins than their fresher counterparts since fresh ones can lose vitamins in shipping. What foods can you freeze safely?


Blogger Chris said...

I have a hard time not losing my list. Once something goes into my's lost forever. (just kidding) I find I spend less when I make a list. You've have lots of good ideas!!!

10:41 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

I lose my list as well so I keep a copy on my computer and update it with the things I need each week. Then a day or two before shopping I keep a copy in my purse. Sometimes I still lose it.

11:12 AM  

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