Friday, April 28, 2006

Five Weight Watchers Wishes

Five Weight Watchers Wishes
By VH Melville
Who can stop at just three wishes. I lost a lot of weight with weight watchers and enjoy the program. I have ideas for weight watchers that I thought would make a good blog.

Wish One: I wish Weight Watchers Online would have online meetings. I’d even be willing to pay extra for this feature – a sort of a Weight Watchers Online Plus. They could balance it out with a Weight Watchers Online budget with some features.

Wish Two: Weight Watchers in Trinidad. There are people who love Weight Watchers, but there are no meetings in their country.

Wish Three: For every journey to be a successful one. One without fat jokes, one where salespeople treat them right, and one that’s full of love.

Wish Four: I’d like partial points listed in the print guides and a partial point calculator sold as well.

Wish Five: A pamphlet and counseling session when you hit your half way mark as a reminder of why they want to stick with it and why they want to attend meetings even after they goal.


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