Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Second Hand Chic

By VH Melville

I did not grow up in a wealthy family, but I learned the pleasures -- as well as the problems -- of secondhand shopping. I now live comfortably but still love items that are well-made.
Don’t fret that buying things secondhand will make you feel poor. My mother worked for Goodwill, and you’d be surprised at how many wealthy people shop at secondhand stores.

1. Vintage is stylish. Vintage boutiques sell secondhand items at higher prices, whereas with a thrift store you have to do a little more work, but you can find must-have, darling pieces to add to your wardrobe.
2. Many thrift store benefit a cause of some kind. You are helping others by shopping at these types of stores.
3. My sister found jeans and shoes that were designer. She’s found $50 dollar DVD sets for $9. I’ve found gorgeous pieces that could be worn to dances, weddings or proms. One friend of mine found out the outfit she bought would have been $400 if she'd bought it new.
4. Just because a person is dressed to the nines in new clothes, doesn’t make a person wealthy. The man or woman could be in debt up to their ears.
5. Your children will never wear secondhand clothes if you don’t wear them yourself.
6. You are cutting down on taking up landfill space.
7. You’re the type of person who won’t let any old junk in your home. You are very careful about which secondhand items are worth your time. You only buy what will truly benefit your life. You can still have the best. You pass over items that you know were other people's junk, and would become your junk. You know the art of Imaginative Elegance.
8. You have style, but have fun while saving money.
9. Thrift stores are great places for clothes, books, DVDs, old jewelry, dishes, plates and sometimes even furniture.


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