Monday, April 17, 2006

Weight loss Tips That Worked for me. Tips 1 to 2

Weight loss Tips That Worked For Me Series.
These are tips of what worked for me. You might not have the same results as I did.
I will did weight watchers, but you may have your own program. Always go to doctor for medical advice.
Iportion is not staffed by doctors.

Weight loss Tips That Worked for me. # tip 1
VH Melville
Realize you are beautiful now, not when you weigh less, but now.

Weight loss Tips That Worked for me tip #2
VH Melville
Will power is overrated. Do not deprive yourself.
If you tell yourself, I can't have this food because I am dieting, you will be more likely to binge on it by the days end. Sometimes I would wait until I loss weight to indulge, but then the depravation got to me and I'd gain back all the weight with vengeance.
I do weight watchers points and then decide; is this food worth all the points? How many points would it be if I only ate half of it or an 8th of it? You can do the same with calories.


Anonymous chris said...

I'm glad you had a program that worked for you. I'm like Christopher Columbus, I'm still searching. :)

6:03 AM  

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