Thursday, May 04, 2006

Budget Food Finds

Budget Food Finds
By VH Melville
Edited By Bonnie Kaye

The food finds on my list have many budgets in mind, whether you are budget-minded or a movie star. I hope I included food finds for all. I definitely think buying what you love is key. Don’t be stuck with food you hate while you’re on a diet just because everyone else is eating it. I support the products that I feel are worth it. They should be supported or they will go away. Do your regular shopping in the deep discount store, then buy your treats with coupons at the main store. If you reverse the order you spend a lot more money. You might not like some of the food finds I listed, but that's okay.

Light wonder bread. It’s pricier than regular bread, but honestly this stuff is delicious.
I found them in three kinds: wheat, Italian and white.

Most big chains have store brands and some stores like Aldi and Save-A-Lot are mostly store brands. Store brand fudge pops are generally not over two points and very economical.

Aldi has great new line of products called Fit and Active. The Fit and Active yogurt is $.33 apiece and 2 points for 80oz, not the 1 point for a measly 6oz. Mine doesn’t have Fit and Active light bread, though some Aldi stores do have it. Mine has Fit and Active Ice cream sandwiches at $2.99. I am planning to get their baked tortilla chips too.

Off-brand diet citrus soda and off-brand root beer. These are just like the real thing and many stores have them. They are great for making diet cola cupcakes. When I have a dark cola I do prefer diet, caffeine-free Diet Rite and caffeine-free Diet Coke. Though I long to get a Diet caffeine-free Dr. Pepper.

Canned green beans. I count them as 1 point per can because they add sugar and salt. I also eat the whole can. Some people count this as zero. I get low-sodium ones.

Sugar-free gelatin is a great snack and very low-priced.

WW ice cream cones. Very expensive, but good for a treat. Sometimes a treat like this can even save you money. If you go to an ice scream parlor every week, then I would swap that ice cream for this, and after eating it take your family to the library for a fun, free outing.

Snack Cakes:
I find most low-point, low-calorie snack cakes are hard to find and very expensive. I’ve been experimenting with making my own. Special box mixes can also be very expensive depending on the brand. The cupcake might be the snack for you. They are smaller portions and they can be made lighter. You can even cut them in half and add fat free, non-dairy topping or spoonful of marshmallow cream for the center. The recipe makes a whole bunch of them so you can put them in a freezer bag to freeze. I think they taste even better frozen. They will


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