Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trashy Edibles: Gourmet Food Gone Bad

Trashy Edibles: Gourmet Food Gone Bad
VH Melville
Having great food once in a while is a treat. Counterfeit gourmet food can be fun in it’s own right but what happens when you have the real stuff? How do you keep that in your plan? A gourmet hot dog in real life would probably have a toasted bun, roasted red peppers, and caviar relish but many times gourmet is just tacked onto the food as an after thought. Gourmet food is also often fattening. It’s okay to have it once in a while like it’s okay to have a little candy if you count it.

There are some lighter options such as vegan pate, steamed lobster, and bare salads.
What our your own tips would you have for making everything lighter.

1. Have you ever made real gourmet food?
2. Do you own a gourmet cookbook?
3. Have you eaten in a gourmet restaurant?


Anonymous chester said...

My friend is a gourmet chef and he admits that the trick to good gourmet food is really rich tastes that often involve lots of butter. Can't complain about the taste but it really is only good in moderation.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

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