Monday, June 12, 2006

Work at Home Fitness

Work at Home Fitness
VH Melville
1. You might want a mini peddle cycle to place under desk.
2. Can you walk in the living room during conference calls?
3. Put frozen veggies in your freezer, canned veggies in your pantry and fresh veggies in your fridge.
4. Schedule a time to work out as you would a meeting. Can you squeeze in 15 minutes a day before your lunch break?


Blogger Alex said...

Thanks I work from home and I have started walking the 1st half of my lunch hour or swimming with the boys at the pool. I also have put fruit and veggies in my cabinet, fridge and freezer.


12:03 PM  
Anonymous chester said...

I love the mini-peddle idea. Never thought about it till now. Thanks!

Spending time and keeping active during your workday will actually make you more productive and you'll get more accomplished. It's true!

1:00 PM  

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