Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Insults and Praise: Weight Loss Remarks

Vh Melville
Some people only praise you when you when your losing. Are you gaining to that praise again? I think part of me regained the weight that time to let me get treated as if I am someone other than me. Another reason I felt unsecured trying to maintain is that I was unprepared for insults as well.

When I lost weight the first time I knew there would be completes but I didn’t know there would be insults as well. I hadn’t realized that there would be people wanting to sabotage me.

Some people can also insult about weight loss. I don’t react as badly to some people’s comments and complements some people are afraid when people around them eat healthy. I just tell them WW would kick me out if I got too thin or I am not trying to lose more but my weight bounces up and down.
This time is different I have a husband who praises me no matter what I way so I can’t use what other people think as an excuse.

This not about what other people think. This is about my health. This is about enjoying my food.


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