Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Using Measuring Cups and Flying

Using Measuring Cups and Flying
VH Melville
A while back I read in the Fly Lady list about a woman who used to use Measuring cups but now felt they were. I feel the opposite. I feel that not using Measuring cups is perfectionist.
Not using measuring cups is way for people to say, “Look at my perfect food oh and you cannot get it just right because you’ll have to guess the measurements.” Now I don’t measure everything like the spices on my salad and I don’t always measure out the peanut butter for my husband’s oatmeal. Sometimes I feel I need to use my measuring cups and spoons even more,

The call for measuring cups.
1. It doesn’t take that much time to measure. Sometimes it takes much longer to save a wrecked recipe. Sometimes food that’s not measured just tastes off or all together won’t come out.
2. Measuring can be creative: When creating a dish I want to know what I put in it this time so I can share the recipe if it’s good.
3. My family like my cooking more when I measure and I really thought I was becoming a pretty good cook.
4. I have to monitor my calories and using measuring cups help me do that. Some people like diabetics have to monitor their sugar and carbs. People often get of track when they feel they know the recipe well enough to guess the measurements. This is “But I eat the same things all the time how could I have gained or lost.” Some people are looking to gain muscle.
5. A measuring cup is a tool much like my shoes and control journal. It’s a routine.


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