Friday, May 19, 2006

Girl's/Boy's Night In

Girl's/Boy's Night In
By VH Melville
Edited by Bonnie Kaye
A girl's/boy's night out can be expensive. How about a money saving
girl's/boy's night in?

1. A case of store-brand diet cola
2. Old board games and cards
3. If you have a VCR and DVD you can pick a movie and theme your event
around it.
4. Since you're preparing the food, you handle the type, the servings,
and how much you spend. If any of your friends are doing WW or another diet program they can each bring a low-point or low calorie snack.
5. Learn something together like hula dancing, kick boxing or belly dancing.
6. A bottle of cheap bubbles. Why let kids have all the fun.


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