Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cheaply Elegant: Dating and Romantic Ideas

Cheaply Elegant: Dating and Romantic Ideas
Edited By Bonnie Kaye
Married couples need to date their spouse once a week. Don't think
dating ends with marriage.

1. Tour free museums. Give a small donation if you can.
2. A walk in the park, along the beach. (It's exercise too)
3. A date the library with your sweetie.
4. A hula hoop contest sees who can go the longest. Winner gets a kiss.
5. Spend two bucks at a 99 cent store. See who can buy the most
romantic gift using only $2.
6. See if your church has church dances. These are often free but they
might want you to bring a snack. Just make it healthy and low-point.
7. Get some other couples together and have a mock prom at your house.
Use any old prom like dress you can find. Have someone provide music
if they have some CDs. Decorate with whatever old holiday decorations
you have. Use what you have: old white Christmas lights, silk flowers, streamers,
a few CDs and have fun. Make sure the Christmas lights aren't a fire
8. Cook something healthy together.
9. Go stargazing.
10. High school plays, college theater and local community theaters often offer good prices and nice entertainment. You'd be surprised at the quality of some amateur shows.
11. Get dressed up in your best outfit and bring good napkins. Go to a
fast food restaurant that serves healthy options. Sometimes you have to make them
12. Write love poems together.
13. Babysitting for Date Night:
You have four couples. Two go on the date and two watch the kids and
watch a movie and just hang out together. If you do this once a week
you're guaranteed two dates a month. You might switch it around so it's
not always the same couples babysitting together.
14. Picnic in the park with a pitcher of good water and a low-point and a fairly inexpensive meal.
15. Instead of dinner and a movie, why not opt for lunch and a matinée? Movies' daytime rates are much cheaper than the nighttime prices. Lunch is not only cheaper but the portions are smaller, making them filling for fewer calories.
16. If you’re lucky see if your town has a budget movie theater. These theaters play movies that have been already in the theater for while for a much cheaper price.


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