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Why Do we Put each other Down

Why do other woman/men want others to fail in their weightless?
There seems that seems to be gloating every time Kristie Alley gains a pound.
They make a comments “Oh I am 215 and I was never that big”. A lot of people are bigger than they realize or have a body shape that hides their weight. A woman who is taller and carries weight in her but is going to look smaller at the same weight than someone who is shorter.
I also seen woman scream but I am a size two how can that woman be size two.
Sizes are a joke a size two in one store is a size six in another so yes that woman can be a size two for the store she shops.

Second having a little belly doesn’t mean you are fat either. I lost so much fat with a healthy bmi of 21.1 that I stopped menstruating and I still had a little belly because it was lose skin
Kristie wasn’t my inspiration because I goaled before she did but I do give her props for doing so. I think Jenny Craig needs a better maintenance plan from what I hear it’s harder to stick with but I am not hopping Kristie has failure. It’s not like she was cramming unhealthy diet pills down her throat. Most diet pills don’t work by the way and the ones that do usually have weird health consequences.

Why is there need to put someone down who is doing the best?
Why is there the need to sabotage others or a accuse someone of sabotage when they are just eating the way they always eat?

Also some people want to be big. Being big is their choice. Fat is just fat. There many attractive people who are overweight. Also Kristie still looked pretty when she was heavy.

I have a habit it’s not wanting people to fail but converts them to my plan because I fear they will fail. It’s journaling, bet you’d thought I’d say weight watchers. I do weight watchers but journaling is key. I have to realize journaling scares some people
. I realize it’s okay that I have a more scientific way to weight loss and yes people who journal keep it off longer. For people with 5 or 15 pounds I see journaling as short term unless they start gaining weight back. For people with more weight to lose I see it for long term.
I think journaling goes well with any diet low carb, low GI, Jenny Craig, Tops, Dash.

Okay I will confess: I put dr. Phill down a little because he seems a little mean when I comes to other people’s weight loss.
Also that he was selling phony diet pills that got me mad.


Blogger La Girlie said...

Hmmm. Kirstie Alley is a controversial issue all over the place. My main problem with her is that I truly believe she misrepresented her weight. I believe she did lose 75lbs, I also think she looks great. However, she couldn't possibly weigh 145lbs which is what she claims by stating her heaviest weight was 220lbs. No, no no..sorry. The woman is 5'9", I saw her before photos and there is no way. Why lie? I don't get it.. I certainly don't want her to fail, and gain it all back. Another thing to keep in mind is that celebrities don't play by the same rules as "us regular folks". It's a constant publicity machine going on for these people..they lie! They have money for personal trainers to come to their house, chefs, and can afford lovely plastic surgery. I would hope with all those resources she could manage to keep the weight off.

1:21 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

Thank you so much for posting.

The middle class and wealthy have a lot more options than the working poor and poor.
The obesity Epdemic in the us is more a poverty class issue. So we have it lot better than others.

Celebrities have it easier to be thin, but there are a lot of thin celebrities who aren’t healthy.
In some ways I believe celebrities have it worse to be healthy than we due because they’re made to be at unreal expectations.
You have covers where Jessica Simpson at 123 is called fat by the press. You have a press that if you want to get on a cover just lose to an unhealthy weight. Celebrities also are quack magnets for bad diet gurus, and bizarre surgeries.
It’s harder to keep the weight off if you can afford things like private chef’s because you never learn to do for yourself. So when you’re left to your devices you’re in deep trouble.

Kristie is paid to act but I haven’t seen her scale and even if she isn’t being truthful I will forgive her because she is a human being.

I haven't seen her scale so I won't say one thing or another.
One issue is she might not have weighed herself at her heavyset some people don't know how heavy they are.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Judi Finneran said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings so honestly.

Cheers, Judi

2:56 AM  
Blogger Spider63 said...

It's much deeper than any celebrity's diet. It is about how your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers will delight in your failure. Why? Because Fat People are discriminated against and looked down on by others. So when you lose weight, others have to re-evaluate their thinking, and that makes them uncomfortable. Lots of people that were thinking "Kirstie is a fat pig with no self-control" have to change their attitude about Kirstie (or you or me) after major weight loss. So these folks enjoy watching fat people fail, because it re-affirms their prejudices, and ratifies their negative stereotypes about overweight people.

12:21 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Spider ya I think also some people do that because they took comfort in having someone else be the fattest person in the room and when the person gets skinneyer than them they get scared.

3:38 PM  

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