Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Book Addiction

I got to start eating healthy again. I did well for a few days and then oh well.

Book Addiction
I bought some books from Amazon. I just couldn't wait any longer. I wanted them now.
I guess I won't be getting a kindle this year after all. I love books in print, as ebooks, audio books on CD.
I am not so found of books on tape since I don’t have a tape player and they break on me when I did have a tape player.
What is your shopping Addiction? I also love tech stuff but I usally get my husband's old stuff when he is getting something new. That's just fine with me.
My husband did go to half a dozen stores to find me a Wii for my birthday.

I am still de-cluttering my life. I got rid of more clothes and a picnic basket. My husband and I romantic picnics we end up taking the cooler. Why keep something we rarely use?

What is keeping you from reaching your dreams?

Thankful list
Family husband and little ones
A clutter free home


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