Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thankful List, Natasha, shirt shop, books and Free PR

Thankful list
Husband and little one

I feel bad Natasha Richardson and her family not because she is a famous actress
but that she is a wife and mom with boys who need her.

My fave is the cupcake shirt which is ironic :-) for a health site LOL

Books and Free PR
I promised a friend Lois Wickstrom I would promote
her books in todays blog

If you have a book, a green product or an exercise program you'd like to promote
just post in the respond part. I want to give you free PR. -- nessie and the viking gold -- nessie and the living stone
Nessie and the Celtic Maze

There's also an affiliate account program for CafePress.

I am going greener. Any ideas how to freeze sandwhiches without plastic bags.


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