Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Be Happy Now

Be Happy Now
Vh Melville
I know I stated this before.
Being thin won’t make you happy. Fat is just fat it doesn’t have feelings and won’t feel bad once you get rid of it.
Often people’s reasons to lose weight or gain muscle are to feel better about themselves. Start feeling better about yourself now. I did the whole when I lose weight I will like myself and it doesn’t work. I was thin and unhappy and binged myself bigger than the last time. This time I started feeling better about myself before I lost the weight.
1. Do not give up your life to be thin
2. Live life with joy,
3. Have fun.


Blogger Chris said...

I agree with you. I am ok with people that know me well. They have seen me all sizes. It's the people that are aquaintances...the onces that don't REALLY know me....I feel self-conscious around them....even when they are bigger than me.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Candee said...

I have read your blog and I enjoy it very much but I would like to know "your story"
~how much did you lose?
~how long did it take?
~how long have you maintained?
~what have you done to keep it off

You are very good at motivating others! If you feel like answering my questions you can leave it on here or on my blog. Thanks!

Have a great day!

9:01 AM  
Anonymous thinkoffthefat said...

I think I may be a little too happy or should I say accepting of myself. That is probably why I never fully committed to losing all of my excess weight. I even at times use to like to hide behind my weight so as not to be bothered by the opposite sex who always wanted sex. Thanks for the visit and comment. You are just full of good advice. I was going to TOPS before. I am not ashamed of losing an ounce or just staying the same for a while. As long as I can keep from gaining more weight, that is success to me also. Please don't feel you need to reply to every little comment I make here. I know by your site you are busy. I just like to comment on a lot of things. Funny though how other diet blogs are so indifferent compared to yours. I commented on 29 users of this certain ring and only one replied back just once. It isn't a big deal but I thought there should be a camaraderie amongst like minded people. It's more like a race to be number one on the list and go back and forth in a frenzy to change spots constantly. Why don't you post a before and after picture? Those are awesome. Bless you.

5:06 AM  

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