Monday, July 03, 2006

Finding your Inner Inspiration

Finding your Inner Inspiration
VH Melville
Been feeling a little ill since last night. I hope I feel better for a walk. I don’t have access to most of my fitness equipment right now and I am very busy. I’ve been trying not to binge. I will just try to channel my motivation with good attitude.
Many people confuse good attitude with will power. Will power is a fleeting glittery thing easily lost in the day to day stress of daily life. The more you reach for it the farther it seems.
What are your tips for being motivated?

1. Write problems down, what are your binge triggers. What are your reasons not to exercise or eat healthy. How can you turn this around.
2. There will always be a party a summer barbeque, a Christmas party, work diners and vacations. Saying I’ll take a break when party season is over can harm you as much as being so deprived that you turn into a binge. I do WW and I am dipping into reserve flex and maintenance calories for the fourth. Even if I mistakenly go over I will do my best. Do not take breaks after you goal either. Yes you can eat more to maintain, but make your diet livable. In the past I gained all my weight back and then some for that very reason.
3. Stop beating yourself up for past failures. Yesterday is not today.
4. Have fun. Make exercise a game. You can’t do it if it’s not fun.


Blogger Leigh said...

This is good, solid advice no matter what diet plan one is on. It is so important to be ready mentally for those times that there will be a lot of food that isn't healthy. As you say, there will always be that party, etc.

Nice blog - thanks for stopping by mine.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous chester said...

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate your honesty, sincerity, vulnerability and openness. Thanks for sharing!

2:17 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Thank you both

6:09 PM  
Blogger Living to Feel Good said...

Good post! The tortilla with sugar sounds good. After we were done with fireworks my husband stopped for a donut.I said no because my celebrating was over once I left the BBQ. I'm eager to be OP tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

2:30 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Glad you liked the idea I am thinking of using cookie cutters next time and make them into shapes.

2:19 PM  

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