Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I might wear an opera cape or fairy wings tonight. I had to buy bulk candy for Halloween. I hope it’s enough.

I found this interesting news article: Halloween indulgence not so bad
“That’s if the kids normally have healthy habits”

You can influence others:
My mom and sister took my lead and have now lost weight as well. I love my mom but she was on a fad diet which wasn’t working very well.
I convinced her to calorie count and journal and she was shocked how easy it was.

What are your favorite things about fall
Favorite things about fall
Apples taste even better
Butternut squash is on sale
Candy corn
Carmel apples
You burn more calories in cooler weather than hotter weather


Blogger jodi said...

what i love about fall:
- football
- wearing sweaters and jeans
- crisp morning air
- leaves changing color
- flannel sheets
- fresh apple pie


8:45 PM  
Blogger Living to Feel Good said...

That's great about your mom and sister!

One of my favorite fall things is rain.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Marshmallow said...

We don't call it Fall here, we call it Autumn - and even so, its not Autumn here now, its Spring (grumble grumble)

Anyway, my favourite things about Autumn

- Leaves changing colours
- Watching birds begin their migration patterns north
- The sky in the morning, the air in the morning... oh heck... the morning!
- Hot Chocolate
- Pumpkin Soup
- The upsurge in energy due to the cooler temperatures not sapping you dry

12:42 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

Marshmellow Autumn or fall here is full of snow

Living to Feel Good said... I like rain too

jodi said... fresh sheets are nice

2:26 PM  
Blogger angelfish24 said...

What I like about fall:
Leaves changing colors
Children jumping in big piles of leaves
cooler temperatures (though it really doesn't get too hot here)
New beginnings/start of school year
Smog in Seattle seems to go away!
On sunny days, Mt. Rainier is so clear!
What I hate:
Rain in Wash., hate it, hate it, just get too much of it and it's coming soon. Blah.

3:24 AM  

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