Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dreams, goals, and Gratitude and Pampering

MMMMMM for some reason I was so busy yesterday my post didn’t show up LOL
I could fix it but I find it kind of funny.

What are your Goals, and Dreams?

What are your goals they don’t have to be weight related?
Post a success you had this week or a dream filled:
I got inspired by this post when
Laura Moncur sent me an email about her new treadmill walking fitness DVD.
How many dreams do we never even try to bring to pas?.
Laura’s latest creation is called Wintery Walk.
You can see a preview here:

Gratitude Homework: Thinking about Me and fitness:
I read content me centered fitness and I have focused on this before, but when weightless is strictly about me I head for the chips. Overeating food is just another way we take care of ourselves. We cannot learn to love of ourselves if we think only of our selves not those around us. It’s not an aptitude I have to give and do everything for everyone that doesn’t teach self reliance but I will genuinely think of other’s.

Now thinking of others should not mean you shouldn’t pamper yourself every once in a while. How you treat yourself shows a map to your family and friends treat you treat others.
Pampering homework:
Pamper yourself once this week for reaching a goal.

Thankful List
Husband, my little one
Blessing others
My skirts “I found a couple de-cluttering”


Blogger jodi said...

success i had this week: lost 1.7 pounds
dreams i have: to become a wife & mother


1:34 PM  
Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

dreams: i would definitely like to be debt free: mortgage, credit cards, student loans. have the money work for me instead of me working to have it.


and for recreation, my ultimate skating goal is to learn to do the layback spin.

1:49 PM  
Blogger FatBlokeThin said...

I have goals coming out of my earholes - weight loss, fitness, meeting the Dalai Lama - it's all there!

I have lost 25 Lbs so far and need to lose another 45...

Check out my site if you get a minute.

3:18 AM  
Blogger iportion said...

I hope you all hit your goal.

11:25 PM  

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