Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fave fitness Toys, Thankful list

Gratitude Homework:
Praise or say thank you to someone who deserves it. People aren’t praised enough.

What are your Favorite Fitness Toys?
VH Melville
Fitness should be fun.
Do you exercise to Dance Dance revolution? I am so uncoordinated
Do you skip it? Use a body or stability ball? Can you use a hula hoop?
Do you like to dance? Do you have exer-Games? Are you a master at twister?
What about a classic jump rope? Do you use a Wii?
Do you play im completive sports?

Thankful List
Thankful to be married to my dream guy
Thankful for my little one
Thankful I finally de-cluttered the house.
Thankful for a nap.
Thanks for back rubs


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