Friday, May 25, 2007

Eating Healthy mmmm Nuts: My junk Food confessions: When Buying yourself Prizes saves your Fitness Budget : Thanks

Eating Healthy mmmm Nuts: My junk Food confessions: When Buying yourself Prizes saves your Fitness Budget : Thanks

Eating Healthy mmmm Nuts:
I did eat nuts the first day or the day before my new plan. I find I still need to journal but can’t count points right now.
I decided to take Living to Feel Good's advice with nuts.
I ate 2 and half whole peanuts and another 2 peanuts for a night time snack. I removed the shell and wrote it in my journal. I am not planning to eat fistfuls so having to shell them myself does slow down on mindless snacking.
I still weigh and measure some foods though.
If you hate to weigh and measure why not get bowls that are in the size of a cup then you always know your portion size? I am thinking it might be a good idea to get portion control bowls.

My junk Food confessions:
I was shocked that I remained as low under budget today for buying groceries. I did buy a lot of junk food. The ice cream is low carb and cal but I got a lot of candy and treats. It’s for my 4th anniversary. I got my husband a smoshed ice cream kit. You know the kind with the marble slab and big spoons that is popular with ice cream parlors. The candy is for the mix ins.

When Buying yourself Prizes saves your Fitness Budget:
I did it I found out I am a little over halfway to my first fitness goal of 30 workouts by august. Yesterday I thought I was still days away from that.
Gyms are great but like home fitness equipment things we purchases are only of any real value if we use them. I wondered if my prizes cost too much and then I realized when replying to NIUiceprincess comments on physical activity that my prizes for exercise are less than I would spend on my local gym membership. I am not getting them right away I am saving them. I have mini goals and bigger goals and I get to get my prizes months away that cuts back on mindlessly buying things.
Now I sort of longed to go to something that sounds intresting like a gym like crunch, offers trainers or one that alwows me to take my little one.
Even if the gym is the best option for you might want to reward yourself.
After august I will start another reward for me for October or January.

Thankful List
Husband and little one
Diet soda
Food journals

update: Made chili. Haven't had a chance to eat it yet.


Blogger NIUiceprincess said...

the ice cream kit sounds fabulous. how did he like it?

8:17 PM  
Blogger iportion said...

He loves it :-) :-)

4:32 PM  

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